Technical Services

Animal Laboratory Waste

Animal carcasses and waste disposal in our institution is performed with a licensed commercial waste-disposal firm (Health Care Waste).

Refrigerators located at Central 5 are monitored and maintained by CARE staff personnel and are only allowed for deposit of animal carcasses. No food, drugs, supplies, or materials other than animal carcasses or tissues should be placed in these refrigerators.

Objects that are considered to be sharps (e.g.; scalpels, blades, hypodermic needles with/without attached syringes, etc.) should be placed in rigid red sharps containers for disposal.

Soiled animal bedding bags or drums with carcasses should be limited to 50 pounds to prevent back or shoulder injury to the staff and to avoid the bags to break during subsequent handling.

Waste containers should be leak proof, equipped with tight-fitting lids and properly labeled.

Animal care staff is responsible for transporting soiled bedding, carcasses and red containers in an approved cart to the waste area 

Any animal death is recorded on the ID cage card. If staff finds a dead animal, notify the investigator, and dispose if not claimed by the investigator.

Also note that the death of any animal must be reported to the CARE office for record keeping purposes.

Animals that have died or are euthanized must be disposed of by placing the carcass in a sealed plastic bag or glove and then placed in the red bag. The bag will be marked or tagged with pertinent information and placed in the cooler.

Radioactive and/or biohazardous animal wastes and bedding must be disposed of according to the established policy and procedures of the safety department and approved in the ACUF. Radioactive wastes should be maintained in properly labeled containers.

Under no circumstances should this waste be disposed as regular garbage.