AAALAC International Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
AALAS American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
ACLAM American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
ACLAD American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases
ASLAP American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners
AMP Americans for Medical Progress
ASM American Society of Mammologists
ANZCCART Australian and New Zealand Council for the Art of Animals in Research and Teaching
ARENA Applied Research Ethics National Association
AWI Animal Welfare Institute
CAAT Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing. The John Hopkins University
CALAS Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science
FBR Foundation for Biomedical Research
FELASA Foundation of European Laboratory Animal Science  Associations
FRAME Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments
IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
ICLAS International Council for Laboratory animal Science
ILAR Institute for Laboratory Animal Resources
LAMA Laboratory Animal Science Association (UK)
LAWTE Laboratory Animal Science Training Exchange
NABR National Association for Biomedical Research
NCA Netherlands Centre Alternatives to Animal Use
PRIM&R Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research
Scand-LAS Scandinavian Society for Laboratory Animal Science
SCAW Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
UFAW Universities Federation for Animal Welfare