Per Diem

Per Diem Charges

The Animal Care facility charges per diem rates based on the specie and the number of animals housed. It is then billed to the investigator’s account at the end of each month. This includes feeding, watering, changing bedding, cleaning cages, monitoring, facility maintenance, and the administration of the animal care program.

Per diem rates are based upon principles in the Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for animal Resource Facilities sponsored by the Division of Research, National Institute of Health.

Per diem rates are established by the institution and revised on an annual basis, and are available in the website –

Per Diem charges for animal care begin on the day the animal arrives and is housed in an animal room. An inventory sheet of services rendered are maintained by the animal care department on a daily basis. These sheets are used to generate the monthly charges.


Description Charge per Daily per diem rate
Dog Animal 18.00
 Pig Animal 18.00
Sheep Animal 22.00
Rabbit Animal 5.00
 Rat Animal 0.95
Mice Cage (1-5 animals) 2.00
Calve Animal 24.00
Storage bldg. Cage 2.00/cage

Routine Care Includes:


The charge does not cover: