Animal Identification and Records Keeping Requirements

Accepted methods of animal identification include cage cards, collars and bands, ear notches and tags, implantable microchips, and tattoos. Basic information and clinical histories enhance the value of individual animals and should be readily accessible to investigators, veterinary staff, animal care staff, and inspector.

Animal records must be maintained for three (3) years following completion of the project and are subject to unannounced inspection by Federal agencies.

Cage cards generated by the CARE contain the information required by regulatory agencies and include:

Animals must be identified at all times with collar, tag, or tattoos, ear punch or individual identification.

CARE identifies animals when they arrive in the facility with cage cards. The USDA tattoo or number provided by the vendor, for canines, swine, sheep, is entered in each card.

A brief notation is of the experimental procedure performed on the animal is entered by the investigator on the back of the card.