Animal Ordering

Ordering animals at the CARE is subject to specific requirements, which include:


Criteria to Determine Vendor


All animals acquired and received at our institution are from a USDA Class A dealer (vendors of purpose-bred animals).

The criteria to determine which vendor will be selected to fulfill the order and to ensure the procurement of healthy animals from a licensed vendor, as follows:


Setting up an Account

Investigators may use more than one billing account (fund number) if desired. However, investigators are still responsible for using funds approved for the specific use for which the animals were purchased. They must provide the CARE department with an active billing account (fund number) with a budget to the cover costs. This fund number is provided to the accounting department. In turn, the accounting department uses this number to deduct the charges incurred from animal orders, food, drugs and other services rendered by the CARE department.

At the beginning of each month, charges are submitted to the accounting department. It is the responsibility of the investigator to keep track of the amount available in their fund.

The investigator is also responsible to keep an up-to-date inventory of the amount of animals ordered.

Animal Purchase Request


Orders may be placed by fax, 718-920-4258. Full details of the animal request must be provided. The purchase request must include the name and number of the person to contact for any questions pertaining to the order.


Animal Information


Purchase Form-Definitions of Terms

Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned to the investigator for completion.


When an Animal is Brought from any Source


Animals must be free from all pathogens that would potentially threaten the health of the CARE colony. Purchase of rodents is limited to specific pathogen free (SPF) sources to maintain virus antibody free (VAF) colonies.


The animal facility maintains a list of approved animal vendors. All animals purchased by CARE must be accompanied with a detailed health report. Our institution cannot accept animals without a health certificate.


CARE must be consulted when scientist wishing to receive rodents from non-commercial colonies (e.g., transgenic, knock-out) must obtain a current order form prior to arrival. This schedule request must be in advance.


This determination is made by the Manager of CARE and if accepted, these animals will be subsequently quarantined for a minimum of three (3) weeks. Scientist may not come in contact with any quarantined animal.


Confirmation of Receipt of Order


The vendor usually provides a confirmation number when the CARE office staff places the order.


When animals are received the Secretary or the Staff will contact the Investigator to notify them that the order was received.


Number of Animals Approved in the Study and Animal Purchase


All animals ordered must match the number and specie approved in the Animal Care and Use Form (ACUF). The number of animals ordered is automatically deducted from the total number approved.


Each protocol has a set amount of animals approved which will be used throughout a three year period. If an investigator is reaching the total number of animals approved in the protocol prior to completion of the experiment, they must seek IACUC approval for additional animals and provide justification for exceeding the original requested amount.


If the increase of the number is more than 15%, it is considered a major amendment and requires a submission of a new protocol submission and IACU approval.



Animal Delivery Schedule




Order Deadline

Day of Delivery

Cancellation Fee

ABI Swine
before 12:00 pm

Monday and Friday

Once animals have been processed and tagged, there is a 20% restocking fee per animal.


Charles River Mice
Thursday for →
Monday for →


Once animals have been removed from their quarters, fee is full price.




Canines – minimum of 7 days prior to delivery.

Canines - days are flexible. Rabbits - Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Canines – fee shall apply only if special testing is required.
    Rabbits – minimum of 2 days prior to shipping.   Rabbits-no fee if cancelled within 48 hours. 50% of list price will be applied for Timed Mated Rabbits if canceled post breeding.


Jackson Lab Mice Rats Wednesday before 12:00 PM. Wednesday Once animals have been removed from their quarters, fee is full price.


Liberty Research Canines Thursday before 12:00 PM one week prior to delivery.   15% cancellation and restocking fee.


Marshall Farms Canines
Wednesday before 12:00pm. If testing is required, two week prior to delivery. 


Once animals have been removed from their quarters, fee is full price.

Holiday: During holidays, the delivery schedules may change depending on vendor’s schedule.

Weather Delays: Animals being shipped airfreight may encounter a delay in delivery due to inclement weather conditions. ( ).







(215) 766-7413

Charles River

(800) 522-7287


(804) 492-4181


(317) 806-6080

Jackson Labs

(207) 288-5845


(215) 795-2838

Liberty Research, Inc.

(607) 565-8131

Marshall Farms

(315) 587-2295


(888) 822-6642



Discrepancy or Reporting of Order Problems


In the event there is a discrepancy or problem with the original animal purchase order the issue should be addressed with the CARE office.


Receive Credit or Replacement of Animals: Each vendor has a different set of guidelines for each species.


Cancellation or Change of Order


Cancellation or changes to an existing order must be submitted to CARE office in writing. (see cancellation fee in chart above)


Cancellation notices may be submitted by:
Fax: 718-920-4258
Email: or

If you have any questions about purchasing animals, call 718-920-4823.


Vendor Order Deadlines


Order processing deadlines are to permit the supplier to ensure availability of the requested animals.


Deadlines for animal orders are necessary to permit administrative processing of all components of the order, and permit the animal supplier to ensure availability of required animals.


These times should be consulted when planning the experiment and prior to placing order.


Cost of Research


The following factors must be considered in calculating the cost of research animals:

If animals are obtained from other institutions the cost is normally negotiated between the investigator and the supplier.


See vendor website for more information. See below.


Charles River
Harlan Labs
Jackson Labs

Delivery of Animals

Shipment of animals is regulated by both Federal and State laws and Institution guidelines.


All arriving animals are delivered to the receiving area.


When animals are received the animal care staff checks the shipping information to make sure it matches the order request in the receiving log.


The animal care staff verifies the order received to ensure shipment of animals is correct with the receiving log and the animals are in good health. Any difficulties with the order will be communicated to the investigator and vendor.


Once animals are housed, the animal care staff will notify the investigator receipt of order. The animal care takers will reject any sick animals or container that has been compromised. The vendor will be required to replace animals that arrive in damaged containers, do not meet purchase order specifications, or are sick or injured.


To minimize the possibility of introducing disease into animal facilities, all arrangements for acquiring and housing live vertebrates must be made through the CARE department.


No animals may be brought into or removed from the facility without the prior approval of the Attending Veterinarian (or designee).


Animal Receiving or Notification of Arrival


All animal orders are received by the animal care takers. The investigator or lab is immediately notified of the arrival by phone at the extension provided on the purchase requisition. Any problems noted in the order by the investigator or lab staff should be immediately notified to the CARE office.